In 2010 the Board of the chegfordbiennial appointed Kurt Euechaskovskias Director and curator The Art Festival of the City of Chegford and Its Boroughs, the Biennial 2012, on the theme of the modern concerns of the ever popular consternation of nature versus concrete, glass and mesh – Moon, Earth and What Else?

Intense debates on the destruction versus preservation and possible subsequent dereliction of heritage buildings seem to order the transformation of urban landscapes in world class cities like Chegford. The selected artists for this years biennial have been encouraged to direct their practice towards addressing these issues.

The aim of the organizers is for the public to be shaken to the core, possibly by the confusion caused by walking into the spaces, gardens and other venues. The shows often question the viewers' habitual behavior and easy identification with the subject.

Much of the work addresses complicated and sometimes contradictory attitudes toward the built and natural environments. Encounters with art spaces are grounded by conventions and expectations, but the commonality of the shows display new ways of physically experiencing and thinking about our constructed surroundings - through surface and line, scale and materials, locations and contexts. Many works draw upon recycling and the desperate need for reduction of consumption of the earth's resources. In the vertiginous worlds created by these artists, it is difficult, sometimes impossible, to comprehend these forms in their new  and often unexpected contexts.

This biennial is wide ranging, comprising of compositions for all senses, wall and floor based sculptural work, room-sized architectural installations and photographic environments. Much of the work is united as an investigation of modern living, recycling and serious issues of ecology and the world's population. There is room in this biennial for multiple perceptions of and uses of objects, architecture and ideas.

This festival delivers experiences and objects out of redundancy and into a meaningful present.
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