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John Hinde is, nowadays, considered as a pioneer in colour photography and printing technology. He was one of the first to cut and montage images to create the perfect photograph. It was whilst working in the circus that he realised he wanted to leave audiences with pleasant sentiments and good memories. He was the first popular colour photographer. His work is finally being recognised as an ‘artform’ as opposed to just a postcard. John Hinde started the company in 1956 and it is still successful today.

The launch of John Hinde Ltd coincided with the beginning of a new Pop culture which interpreted bright as synonymous with freedom, choice and optimism, qualities which corresponded precisely with Hinde's own simple ideals of giving satisfaction to others through visual images.

Hinde has explained this simple philosophy: "We need to be uplifted rather than depressed. To me pictures should always convey a positive, good feeling, something which makes people happy, which makes them smile, which makes them appreciate some tenderness. "



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