Sandi Toksvig - I opened it and began to laugh, I have to say it made me absolutely roar

Time Out - Funny and sad - Couplandesque, in fact.

Customer review - A belated thanks for the "Nothing To Write Home About" books.  What a delightful little read!

The words are, indeed, surreal and I was taken back to a time when most of the adult population I knew appeared to be mildly "barking" - a very happy time, before we all went mildly psychotic.

So good is the book that I have, this morning, posted a cheque off to you for a further copy

TIME OUT, November 2007
Colourised, hyperreal Hinde postcards complete with original scrawled messages, mostly from the 1970s. Funny and sad – Couplandesque, in fact (click here)

Bookseller review - Waterstone's Worthing

People sometimes talk about the golden age of letter writing, but sadly this doesn't include postcards. Read this book and you'll find out why...

Bookseller review - Waterstone's Luton A great book on two levels: firstly, the photographs of British holiday destinations in "the olden days" (i.e. in the 1960's & 70's) and, secondly, the weird and wonderful messages that holidaymakers wrote on the back of the postcards! Forsaking the usual "Wish You Were Here", this collection of cards contains gems such as (from Walter in Perranporth, Cornwall) "Just a P.C. of a place you may remember. Had 2 letters from your solicitors, will let you know my requirements..." This book is guaranteed to raise a laugh and to make you wonder at the strangeness of the British on holiday!

Customer review - A lovely snapshot of a Britain that's fading from view


nothing to write home about


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Customer review - far from having nothing to write home about, the events that are told through the book (as found on the backs of old postcards) are delightful and very funny

Customer review - Waterstones Nothing to Write Home About is the funniest book I have read all year. Using the finest postcards of John Hinde, coupled with the often hillarious writings of the British holidaymaker this book is a recipy for laughter! Simply Brilliant.

Customer review - Amazon I've been flicking through this book all morning and can't stop showing it to friends: all it is, is facsimiles of ordinary postcards of ordinary British holiday resorts, reproduced alongside the funny, sometimes illiterate, heartwarming, bonkers messages of the ordinary Brits who scribbled on the back. My favourite: 'PS. Basil was sick from the trifle'. A lovely snapshot of a Britain that's fading from view, and a fun gift or Christmas.


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Pure Magic - Nothing To Write Home About by Michelle Abadie and Susan Beale

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